Men's Bible Study Resumes Tuesday August 20th!

Family Night - October 8th (6:00-8:00pm)


Guest Pastor


Pastor Ricky Jenkins from Southwest Church in Indian Wells, CA. will be the guest pastor for the Together Men’s Study - “Family Night” celebration. About 65 of the men from the Together study met Pastor Ricky at the Hume Lake Men’s Retreat last year and were blown away with his ability to bring the scriptures alive and present the gospel in such a compelling way. Many of us left that conference both challenged and encouraged to implement the lessons learned and apply the teachings to our own lives and families.  A few of us were doubly blessed to have pastor Ricky and the guest speaker at the Forest Home Family Camp (Week #7) and were again impacted by his teaching and passion to honor Jesus Christ our King. It was at this conference that he agreed to come to Tehachapi and be our guest Pastor for our Family night celebration. 

Date & Time

Tuesday October 8th 

6:00pm to 8:00pm 

*Childcare provided



TOGETHER Men's Retreat October 17-20th


Hume Lake - October 17-20, 2019

The Men’s Retreat is designed to ignite passionate living with hundreds of men through outdoor activities, great food, engaging worship, and messages of conviction. It is a reminder that every man is called to a life of honesty, purity, and integrity. Become the man God has called you to be and be a light to a dark world. 

Cost: $300 per person

Guest Speakers

  John Woodall   &   Ed Uszynski