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TOGETHER Men's Bible Study

How did we get started?


In 2013 a few of us wanted a place for men of faith to gather together to be equipped biblically for our role as a husbands, fathers, sons and ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Additionally, we wanted a place where all men were welcome, regardless of their church affiliation, spiritual background, doctrinal knowledge or station in life. 

We believe that if you get the heart of the Man, you will get the heart of marriage. If you get the heart of the marriage you will get the heart of the family. If you get the heart of the family, you will get the heart of the church. With the heart of the church you can capture the heart of the community. And with the heart of a community you can transform the Nation.  

We felt God had called us to rally His men, to bring them together, to teach, encourage, correct, equip and most importantly disciple them.  We want to know and help others understand and embrace the spiritual role and calling God has for EVERY man. By the grace of God and the support of our community, we now represent 100+ men from 12 different churches and growing. We meet weekly for a time of food, fellowship, worship, teaching and discipleship. 

What we seek to do


1. Provide a place for men to encounter Jesus Christ through fellowship, worship, teaching and discipleship

2. To equip Godly men to love & lead at home, at work and in their community

3. To see men to supporting and serving their pastor, the church and their community

4. To mobilize men to serve others through service activities, youth and family events & community outreaches   

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